Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Up in the air

So things are up in the air...just like they usually are. I'm not sure what You want us to do now.
Only You can provide.


Dawnthreader said...

Isn't like God to get us in the place where he alone can provide. Praise God you are in a home of your father and not on the street. Praise God everyone is together and not seperated. Praise God because He is able to provide and praise him for all thus far has happen so that you are able to see Jesus work in your lives. Remember to watch because He is mighty. I am expecting Him to work in my praise. Love Ya

Dawnthreader said...

I was praying for you and got really burden. You know God sees and knows what is happening. Remember when you would sneak out and the time a dog followed you and how I being afraid of dogs would comfort myself when ever a dog would follow by saying God must sent it to watch over us as we walked. Funny I thought of that time just now and thought God send a dog to watch over you. I hope you are handleing this stressful time and not overwhelmed. I know Big Brandon and the kids are not helpful but all of you got to come together in prayer and praise God for anything. And remember there is one big Dog watching over you. Things always work out, always. Trust child just stay in the Word and trust. Jesus is so faithful! Love You.

Dawnthreader said...

I hope you read this because it is my only way to speak to you.I have been studing John and especialy on the areas where Jesus says I AM's. Now do you think that who we are matters in light of who He is. Oh yes it matters because even though we are "trash" in our own eyes and full of sin He loves us. Me who murdered an innocent baby by my abortion. He loves me! Me who's live of sin and failures. Oh that we can see that He loves us! That He loves you, even though you don't feel it in the mist of all your troubles. Oh yes I think you are stuggling because you always seem to at these times do. You blame yourself and I can hear that in your voice on the phone and my thoughts are on you. I am afraid you might not see that Jesus loves you. Trust Him, child beleive against all hope and do not let the past hurts destroy you. You are not responcible for the past it is cover now by Jesus blood and the day is your choice in how you will respond. Here is a secret I know your past and I love you so how much more does Jesus know and loves you! Think on that one. I am praying always.