Saturday, December 29, 2007

Coming out of year in relection

With all that goes on about us, it is eaiser for one to take refuge in small corners and protective coverings as to not be seen. I find myself as one of them. All my grown life, I have sought the darkness as a comforting blanket of inky blackness to shroud my frailness.

It has been said of me too many times that I am strong.

I am not strong...I only survive...barely

However, I have felt my heart-strings being tugged ever so gently by God. Back in Sept. when He first wooed me from out of my shadows, He placed the book of Daniel upon my heart. It was one coincidence after another...

2007 was a hard year. In January it became apparent to us that after the birth of our last child, we were no longer going to be able to survive on the income we were currently making. Feburary, my husband made a rash decision to look for work in St. Louis and move us there. In my heart, I knew it was a wrong decision, but it had been made without me...the plans were already set in motion. One tragedy after another struck and we never did make the move. Instead our family began to grow apart, our money dwindled away and our house and cars fell apart.

I prayed and prayed for an answer. I never expected to receive the answer I did...Move to Phoenix.
If you could see every poem I've ever posted, and all the stories I've written within the last 4 years, you still would not believe.

My journals and in fact this very one was labeled A woman in the desert...In the Desert I heard a Voice...My promise chapter was about the woman in the desert Is. 54
Every dream that I've had that God has spoken to me, was set in the desert.

To be quite was the last place I've ever wanted to live

Here I am. Looking back I can see what happened. We (my husband) and I would have never considered living here. Take away our jobs, our house, our church and suddenly the choice didn't look so bad. Now we both have great jobs, and great house and the kids are happy.

I wonder now, why exactly has God led us here? Seeing all these things coming about, seeing the book of Daniel coming about....why are we here?
All my experience in survival, do they now fulfill their purpose?

It is my desire to retreat back into the safety of my hidden world; to shut out the pictures that scroll before my eyes. Only it's the stirring within my heart that keeps me seearching Him. The feeling like I must draw closer to Him as He is drawing to me, is making all else become very small.

Now I face a battle. Does self fight with self...and which will win? For all that seems small now, is the very thing I held on to so dearly to keep my sanity.
Those who haven't been through anything would find the choice quite clear. I wish it were that easy, but it is not.

I hope no...I pray for that which is God's to overcome and win. He must increase, I must decrease. The problem is, I don't know how to go about it. May His grace last long enough to find me where I need to be.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The U.N. and the Taliban

My husband, being the Missouri man he is(the show me state) commented to me last night:

"I just don't see how all this is true. I can't see how the AoC is going to get rid of people like the "Taliban".

Today I read this article:

KABUL (Reuters) - A senior United Nations official and another from the European Union left Afghanistan on Thursday after the government ordered their expulsion, accusing them of holding talks with the Taliban and for paying cash to the group.

The expulsions have caused a diplomatic row between the government and key aid agencies who fear the loss of two such experienced Afghan hands could hinder multi-million-dollar reconstruction and development efforts.

United Nations spokesman Aleem Siddique said the U.N. staffer had left on Thursday morning on a regular charter flight to neighboring Pakistan. Diplomats in Kabul confirmed the EU official, the mission's acting head, had been on the same flight.

While neither organization has formerly named the pair, it is common knowledge in the capital that they are Michael Semple and Mervin Patterson, who have lived and worked in Afghanistan for more than a decade, even during the rule of the Taliban that was toppled by the U.S.-led invasion in 2001.

Both are fluent in local languages and considered experts on the customs, rivalries and politics of Afghanistan's various tribal and racial groups.

The Afghan government declared the pair personae non gratae after accusing them of meeting Taliban officials last week in the troubled southern province of Helmand, a bastion of the insurgency and the main drug-producing region of Afghanistan.

EU and U.N. officials insist the pair were meeting only local elders and the whole affair was a "misunderstanding."

"As part of our efforts in Helmand province we need to be speaking to people on the ground," Siddique said.


"We are dealing with a very complex situation here in Afghanistan. Tribal communities and tribal relationships are a very complex web."

Afghan officials stood by the expulsions on Thursday.

"We are acting on the basis of our national interest. The two sides (EU and the U.N.) have agreed that they should go," one official told Reuters.

The U.N. spokesman said officials from all parties were meeting to see if the row could be resolved, but there were no plans at present to get U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon to appeal directly to Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

The governor of Helmand province, Assadullah Wafa, told a news conference on Thursday that Semple and Patterson had met insurgents who were organizing suicide attacks.

"They had met with those Taliban who are leaders of suicide attacks," he said, adding that the pair had told him they had been trying to win over Taliban insurgents to the government.

Aid organizations and analysts say the biggest threat to humanitarian work in the country has been the growing insurgency, fuelled by the region's vast drug trade, and that the only way to stop it is with the cooperation of tribal elders and leaders.

Frequently this involves offering lucrative supply and development opportunities to local leaders in exchange for cooperation on projects. Often the lines are blurred between who is a Taliban member, a Taliban sympathizer or merely hostile to the central government and foreigners.

The disputed meeting took place in Helmand's Musa Qala district, controversially abandoned earlier this year by British troops after they struck a deal with local elders to police themselves.

The Kabul government criticized that agreement after Taliban insurgents swiftly took control of the area until driven out two weeks ago when NATO and Afghan forces retook it.

Helmand is the heart of Afghanistan's drug-producing poppy industry and the EU and U.N. have a key role in the British-led eradication program.

Afghanistan's poppies produce over 90 percent of the world's heroin and the multi-million-dollar illegal industry it supports is said by analysts to be a primary reason for the Taliban's resurgence in the south and east.

The Afghan government, which has little support in the Taliban heartlands, insists publicly it will not negotiate with the insurgents but frequent contacts are known to take place between unofficial emissaries.

Western governments also hold the line that the Taliban must not be negotiated with, but privately argue that dividing the insurgents and splitting the leadership is a legitimate strategy.

(Additional reporting by Sayed Salahuddin; editing by Roger Crabb)

Things that make you go, hmmm

Thursday, December 27, 2007

President Peres

"The road ahead is long and winding, full of risks and paved with obstacles, and yet there is a mutually agreed-upon concept, adopted by the moderate and peace-loving people of the region and the world, and that is that the next station along that road must be a station of peace.

This is the same station which was missed by those parents, on both sides, who lost sons in the various wars, and which must not be missed again by this generation.

We have proved that great vision is stronger than the logic of acceptable norms, and now we pray that Israelis and Palestinians will discover the way to accept each other's friendship. Different circumstances allow for a change in people and in nations, and war - after all - is not a heavenly decree.

Reaching a viable peace depends upon us, and it is largely within our reach."

~President Peres of Israel

Yet he wants to divide his country.

Food for thought, it says in the book of Daniel when the handwriting was on the wall:

Daniel 5
24Then was the part of the hand sent from him; and this writing was written.

25And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.

26This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.

27TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

28PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

How many of you can see his name there? Did he and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon not just divide their land? And then Sharon had a massive stroke. Prime Minister Olmert has pretty much taken over where he left off...hmmm.

Oh and did anyone notice that Israel has had 4 earthquakes since then? Earthquakes are always signs of judgment...

Javier Solana and the AoC

First of all what is it?

The AoC is the United Nations' Alliance of Civilizations initiative. I've only just learned of it, but it looks an out and out war has been called on any devote religious person. It doesn't matter if you are muslim, buddist or christian. If you do not blend your thinking along with theirs, it will not go easy with you.

From thir own website it states:

The initiative responds to a broad consensus across nations, cultures and religions that all societies are interdependent, bound together in their development and security, and in their environmental, economic and financial well-being. The Alliance seeks to forge collective political will and to mobilize concerted action at the institutional and civil society levels to overcome the prejudice, misperceptions and polarization that militate against such a consensus. And it hopes to contribute to a coalescing global movement which, reflecting the will of the vast majority of people, rejects extremism in any society.

Events of recent years have exacerbated mutual suspicion, fear and misunderstanding between Islamic and Western societies. This environment has been exploited by extremists throughout the world. Only a comprehensive coalition will be able to avert any further deterioration of relations between societies and nations, which could threaten international stability. The Alliance seeks to counter this trend by establishing a paradigm of mutual respect between civilizations and cultures.

High-level Group

To guide this initiative, the Secretary-General, in consultation with the co-sponsors, has established a High-level Group of eminent persons with the following objectives:

-- To provide an assessment of new and emerging threats to international peace and security, in particular the political, social and religious forces that foment extremism;

-- To identify collective actions, at both the institutional and civil society levels, to address these trends;

-- To recommend a practicable programme of action for States, international organizations and civil society aimed at promoting harmony among societies.

Toward this end, the High-level Group will consider practical strategies:

-- To strengthen mutual understanding, respect and shared values among different peoples, cultures and civilizations;

-- To counter the influence of groups fomenting extremism and the exclusion of others who do not share their worldviews;

-- To counter the threat to world peace and stability posed by extremism;

-- To foster awareness in all societies that security is indivisible and is a vital need for all, and that global cooperation is an indispensable prerequisite for security, stability and development.

The High-level Group will present a report containing analysis and a programme of action for States, international organizations and civil society with practicable measures designed, inter alia:

-- To emphasize the importance of mutual understanding, and to propose specific mechanisms by which it can be advanced, including but not limited to developing better international cooperation frameworks and using mass media (including the Internet) to foster and frame public debates in constructive ways;

-- To cultivate cooperation among current initiatives aimed at enabling those in the mainstream majority -- who are overwhelmingly moderate and reject the views of extremists -- to set the agenda;

-- To establish partnerships that will help diverse societies to better understand their differences while emphasizing and acting on their commonalities;

-- To propose measures through which education systems can foster knowledge and understanding of other cultures and religions;

-- To reach out to the youth of the world, in order to instil the values of moderation and cooperation, and to promote appreciation of diversity;

-- To promote awareness that security, stability and development are vital needs for all, and that global cooperation is necessary to achieve them, and to present practical proposals for advancing mutual security.

The High-level Group will present its report in the second half of 2006 to the Secretary-General, who will determine, in consultation with the co-sponsors, the appropriate way to present the programme of action to the international community. Implementation of the programme could then be overseen by a smaller group of similar stature.

Support Structure

A secretariat headed by an experienced director will prepare studies, analyses and proposals for the consideration of the High-level Group. It will also cooperate with similar initiatives and draw on work accomplished or under way in other forums.

I've bolded just what Christians need to worry about, beside everything.

Once again I see a familiar name among the list of those who are in agreement.

Spanish Socialist Javier Solana is the initiator of the Barcelona Process.
Spanish Socialist Zapatero introduced the AoC to the United Nations
Spaniard Federico Mayor chairs the AoC.

Who is Javier Solana?? And why is he in everything that has to do with anything?


Headline News

Leftist leader wants US to 'rape' Israel

The chief editor of Israel's extreme left-wing daily newspaper Ha'aretz recently called on the Bush Administration to "rape" Israel by forcing it to accept Arab "peace" demands, columnist and international Jewish figure Isi Leibler revealed this week.

At a private dinner at the residence of the US ambassador to Israel on September 10, Ha'aretz Editor-in-Chief David Landau told US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that it has long been his "wet dream" to personally convey his views on the unresolved Israeli-Arab conflict to someone in her position.

Leibler wrote that during a portion of the evening in which the invited Israeli academics and media leaders were invited to express their positions, Landau announced that Israel is a "failed state" and that its government "wants to be raped" by the US.

Landau reportedly urged Rice to forcibly compel Israel to accept a regional peace settlement that would presumably favor the Arabs, as he called for no similar pressure to be put on the Arab side, which remains uncompromising in its demands.

The New York Jewish Week picked up the story and discussed it with Landau, who said Leibler and others had inaccurately portrayed described the delivery of his remarks. Landau insisted that despite his use of crass language, his views had been expressed with great "sophistication," and had been well received by Rice.

God will not allow America to rape his beloved.

Story found here:

The thee tornados (dreamt on Nov 25)

Last night I had a strange dream. It wasn't scary or anything but rather it leaves me expecting. Especially since it had not one but three tornadoes in it and anytime I dream of tornadoes, it's a sign for me to listen.

Here's the kicker though....My husband dreamed of three tornadoes last night as well.

My dream was this...

We were in some tall building, like those big expensive apartments buildings in the city. The room we were in was square and it had windows all the way around. I was staring out the back window with Lil' Brandon when off in the distance we saw a storm coming. It started in the an open plain and came closer. Like I said before, we weren't scared, rather we were excited. I calmly asked big Brandon,"Do you think we should clear out the closet?" He was watching from one of the side window, "Well, you might."

The closet was the same from our old house, and I began to pull out the crib (which we no longer have) and various other boxes. That's when I heard Brandon call me over.

The first tornado was passing us by, while it had been in the distance, it had been a dark gray, now it had lightened and had turned white. It passed right by the window where Brandon was. We all oohed and ahhed. The next two were coming..

They were criss-crossing in front of each other, making their way down the same alley. Next thing I knew it started to ice which eventually turned to snow.

Then I woke up. I woke up thinking about the significance about the three. Like it symbolized time. I recalled how the tornadoes had done some damage while they were dark and angry looking in the distance, but it didn't do anything by us.

I told Brandon about it and he quickly interrupted me and told me that he too had a dream. Brandon's dream was different. We were in the desert driving and noticed three tornadoes. Like mine there was first a small one, and then two bigger ones that were weaving back and forth. We again were not scared, but excited.

"Look Hannah" Brandon had said in his dream.

Isn't that weird? How random is that to have the two of us dream of three tornadoes, and them even acting the same? First the little, and then the two that weaved back and forth.
I'm gonna put this dream in my journal as I can't help but wonder what it means.