Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feeling nervous about who's watching you online?

The more time Obama spends in the office, the more his true nature, and the nature of American Government is being revealed. It's strange, while I'm glad to learn that I was not completely off-base with everything I studied and posted about, I don't like seeing it come true either.

Well here's the latest and I'm sure you've heard it by now as well, but just in case:

(Clunker Cars) Cash for Cars - This is frightening.
This is interesting and scary. What's our government coming to.

This is very interesting.. You need to watch this and pass it onto the rest of the family and friends!!

This will scare the heck out of you

PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE WEBSITE Watch this video and see why.

This video comes from Glenn Beck's Friday, July 30, 2009 tv show.
Frightening facts concerning the 'clunker car' deal if you go into the government website to learn about this program. His message is ''don't go there" and why.

Basically he shows how that upon clicking the I accept button on the Privacy page on, you are giving the federal government the right to your computer. They will OWN your computer. This is not a scam...this is fact. It's there in the small print.

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