Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oldest Profession

I found this very interesting and very relevant to what is going on in our world, and our nation today.

After reading this, I can see the blue-print of how America, and also asll religions are going backwards you can see the rise of The Mystery Babylon. The more people allow these atrocities to occur and even accept them, the faster they become completely blinded to God's truth, and under the complete control of Satan.

Truly amazing!


*a small snippet*
An Age for Lucifer: Predatory Spirituality and the Quest for Godhood.”

And from Religion, the ancient Temples came then Prostitution at best was the World’s 2nd Oldest Profession and the Priests/Priestesses were the World’s first Pimps and Madams back then to today in World Religions though they hide it much.

Nimrod and Semiramis were very astute and knew back then that if a person is enslaved Spiritually, then he/she can be controlled totally. They knew from the Old World that no other could control People like Religion as the Fallen Angelic Host had taught Occult Sorceries to Women and Men before the Flood and their children the Nephilim/Giants. And it was very evil indeed.

Temple Prostitution and Human Sacrifice began because psychologically, when Men and Women will surrender what they Love like their own bodies as Sex-Slaves or their own beloved little Children to be Sex-Slaves or Sacrifices then the Priests/Priestesses know they have complete slavery and obedience to their crooked Authority.

So from this Human degradation from before the Flood was resurrected by Nimrod and Semiramis in Temples they built and setting up the foundations that underlie ALL World Religions to this day in time.

There was a very real Reason that Prostitution degradation and Human Sacrifice happened to test/force obedience and servitude of the People by the original trauma-based mind-control on those who followed the Religion demanded of them by Nimrod/Semiramis.

When anyone surrenders who/what they Love to be degraded/killed then it proves their Slavery is TOTAL; and the internal shame of it inside those who did/do it insures complete obedience and servitude lest their deeds be revealed, so Blackmailing began then with Religion.

And from Religion came not only Prostitution and Human Sacrifice but also this:

1.) Politics with “Elites’” Divine Kingship Game and Deification of “Royals” and controlling Bloodlines so the Wealth/Property/Control was kept in the Family;

2.) Corrupt Economy with Fractional Debt Usury that underlies ALL Global Economy/International Banking to this day;

3.) The Entertainment Industry to mollify and diss-inform the People to Culturally indoctrinate them with Plays/Dramas that were actual Occult Rituals/Psychodramas performed onstage that came over centuries later to Pre-Hellenic Greece in the Lesser Mysteries of Dionysia celebrated in the Spring in Athens with Play Competitions in Satire/Comedy/Tragedy that were Ritual Psychodramas onstage like the “Bacchae” of Euripides that celebrated the Dionysian blood lust of the Priestesses ripping apart a Human Sacrifice that goes back to Nimrod’s end; and Sporting Events to nourish the lusts and appetites of the people to encourage violence and brutal decadence as “Sport” that was used to enlist People in Military.

“4.) War/Conquest over People with Lands being confiscated with the People put to work as Slaves-for-Profit; Military to enforce corrupt Laws of Slavery and Servitude as well as conquering for Expansion; so Geopolitics began with Nimrod, NOT Hitler for “Lebenräuhme”/”Lives’ Spaces” as Karl Haushofer the author of modern Geopolitic called it in the 20th Century that the very evil Satanic/Sabbatean Zionist Jew Henry Kissinger follows to this day as Agent for the Ruling “Elites.”

(Karl Haushofer was doubtless ‘Ghostwriter’ of part of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” when Hitler was in the Landsberg Prison after the 1923 Putsch incident. Hitler was visited by Haushofer and Rudolf Hess in his time there as well as his Satanic Occult Mentor, Dietrich Eckart who he dedicated “Mein Kampf” to.)

*end of snippet*