Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When the Walls come tumbling down!

Hush hush...and this I suppose should be a secret, but there is a large protest going on at the moment.

How much have you heard, really?

I smell a planned chaos.
Occupy Wall St.
Staying Tuned

(two days later)

I smelled right!

I kept telling people something's up with the Occupt Wall St. protest and I just found what I was looking for...this is very much a planned event..My daughter laughed when I said it was like "V for Vendetta" Proof is in the pudding folks! This Oct. is "Occupy Worldwide "

Agenda list:

"- October 12: Day of Action in Defense of the Rights of Mother Earth and against Capitalism
- October 13: Day of Action World Bank out of Climate!
- October 15: Debt Repudiation Day in memory of Thomas Sankara and International and Mobilization of the Movement of the “Indignant”. We don´t owe - We won´t pay! Audit and unconditional cancellation of all Illegitimate Debt!
For more information, please contact us: or
Share a text inter-assemblies North/South, especially with a collaboration between European and African grassroots/academics/justice groups against the international finances, linking oct15th to the need to rein in global capital tax havens, debt cancellation, reform of subsidies, global tax and redistribution/reparations, natural ressources depletion, climate debt, earth life ecocapacity in ruin, biodiversity loss, commodification of life, also the need for a paradigm shift: no more debts, vigilance vis a vis world bank and IMF, antipoverty strategies (MDG, HIPC, Green economy etc...)

Indefinitely general strikes (work and consumism) as irruption mode of the change to make pression under the governments and corporations after an ultimatum for exemple to organize a referendum, reject the debt or retire an army.

Try to connect and engage artists and relevant people who can give their testimony or support during the event or the week before like Manu Chao to occupy Wall Street.

And we are responding like sheep:

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