Monday, April 23, 2012

On April 15th, Tupac Shakur was revived in the form of a hologram to perform a few songs at Coachella. One of the first things the 2Pac hologram said was “What’s up Coachella!”. This was obviously not 2Pac’s voice because Coachella did not... Snoop Coachella V1 Am I saying Tupac is anti-christ... No, *laughs* I'm just saying his tools are now available and being used. But hear the crowd cheer for someone "once dead, and now risen"

Monday, April 16, 2012

Always Follow Your Gut

Last night on the way home from work, I stopped at the red light at the corner of **** and*****. I saw a police car speed by, and that is not unusual for that area of town. There are always high speed chases...however, within the next few seconds, an ambulance, fire truck and their capt, and the police capt, all came speeding down.

I remember thinking, holy moly,... that must be some accident. I almost went to go and see, but the light turned red and I went ahead through. But it nagged me all the way home. I have a bad habit of thinking that it may be someone in my family and wind up panicky, quickly calling them on their cell phones. Last night, I forced it from my mind and drove home...

This morning my mom and step-father came up to me after church. "Did you hear about the accident?" My mother questioned me..."No, "I replied. The then tells me that Lee(my step-father) had been driving home from his mother's house in the 10 o'clock hour and had seen a cop car racing towards him...just then a car without their headlights on, driving in the wrong lane, hit him head on. His car spun around andthe whole front end was totalled...gone.

He was the accident that I had passed up the night before. (I should've followed my instinct) He is okay, and that is all due to the Lord. He came away with the tiniest of scratches on the bridge of his nose. Even the policeman stated that he should be dead.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mi Vida Loca

So..I am totally against this whole protesting frenzy that has taken America by storm. I question the motives of these random, short-lived protests. However, I had to eat my words tonight.

My babe, works in the E.R. and was telling me the other day about how it got shut down due to men storming in with guns..running over nurses. They were mad because a cop shot a guy (who had tried to take the police officers night-stick) He was shot and killed.

We just had a protest the other day. They called in Occupy Oakland. Shut down our downtown.

Turns out the guy killed was a friend of mine's family member.

I am sorry to those who grieve...I am glad that I didn't judge aloud how I felt about the boy killed.

Thing is...this is getting out of control.

We are only giving ground to those who would wish to use chaos to instill their order.


We are living against the barrel of a gun.