Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to catch a butterfly 2

I have always had a love/hate with Alice in wonderland.  I in fact started a whole online journal in which everytime I was upset, I'd write in third person form as Alice from Alice in Wonderland:

Once upon a Time

Shhh...for there are those outside that are listening.

Follow me, for beyond this garden and beneath the falls that divided real from surreal...lived a girl named Alice.
And now our fragmented story begins....

Alice, the Big Bad Wolf and the Looking Glass

Alice sat and stared hard into her reflection. There was no doubt about it, she was growing and as she grew, she lost more and more control.

"I should've kept to the shadows." She complained. Just then someone knocked on her door..."Oh no, it's the big bad wolf."And suddenly Alice felt like Miss Muffet, listening as the wolf spoke, spinning tales in web-like fashion.
Torn, Alice backed away from the door. From the hills, behind the cottage, she heard singing. If only she could reach out and grasp the melody within her hands. She would stay, wrapped inside, hiding beneath notes of love. Yet the big bad wolf, stayed, knocking, ever more. "Little girl, little girl let me in"
Curds and whey, curds and whey...that'll make him go away
And as she turns to run, Alice fell down the rabbit hole...and there was no one to tell her the truth about the mirror. And it didn't matter anyway...she was gone because she ate the poison.

      down                  down

She was falling again. 


I don't believe this was an accident as it was at that point.  I will explain this story a little.  I was fighting against something that I refer to as a wolf.  Any thing dark and unknowing was called such. The melody outside, and in the hills was taken from a book called Hinds feet in High Places.  I knew that Jesus was calling to me, but I couldn't answer because the wolf stood in the way.

Curds and whey, curds and whey.  I thought prehaps if I disappeared, the wolf couldn't find me again.

(There I go, I suppose I am telling you why Alice is so important to me)

The first time I had noticed Alice was back in 2008 or so.  I've always been interested in Cirque du Soleil, and they had teamed up with Criss Angel

   What catches your eye first?  For me it was the rabbit and the word LIE

Believe the the lie.  I used that "typo" often when I talked about the rabbit stalking me (again, another story)

From that point on, I began to notice that I was not the only one using the Alice in Wonderland theme  I found it again and again and again...

I will just post these and explain them later:

The one with Katy Perry introduces the mental health aspect...Which I will begin a new series of music videos at this point.

Before I all remember the movie Sucker Punch?

I watched that movie simply because it was about this very subject!  The brain-washing torture of  a sexually abused teen that was going to get a lobotomy so she'd no longer remember her abuse.  It was Project Monarch made to be sexy!

Baby Doll, the heroine was sent to a mental ward because her step-father was sexually assaulting her.  The staff at the ward pretty much prostituted her and to escape the reality, she created a false one. They never show the abuse, but instead flash to her other scenes where she overcomes the enemy.  Project Monarch is all over this movie...and so is Alice. 

See the bunny on the robot?

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