Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to catch a butterfly

The White Rabbit

Once upon a time, there was a black rabbit.
He drank and he smoked,
Popped pills and he toked
Until he masked his habit
White as snow, he hid shadow
All the while crunching on a carrot
Until two moons past, (or was it 10 years plus seven?)

He took her fast, and stood her in front of the glass
And that girl's name was Alice.


It was the look in her eyes, that first clued us in...unfocused, wild.
Not at all herself.

We asked if she was okay, if she needed to lie down
We never asked about mental health
Once upon a midnight moon, I was
She left me
Now I am here again
Because she's called me

No, this look in her eyes is not right.
Shall we call someone..


Don't..For this is Madness

Once Upon a Time

There was a deep wood...

And Alice....

and the phone calls

and the murmurs.

"I knew you from before" they said.

Royal Flush


  As I continue to heal myself from a relationship that ended years ago(yes they take forever to get over)  I realize that ALL of my crazy writings..all of my fake personalities(in my writings) were the result of a madman...You remember me telling you how he had mentally tortured me?  His fantasy in created a being with multiple personalities?  He almost accomplished that..had it not been for God

Reading now my journal, and the studies on DID..I can trace all abuse back to him.

Sorry, for all the times I seem to go nuts.
Sorry for the crazy wild writing back then
I had no idea, I was being program to write

I fulfilled his wishes to a "t"

Now I have to re-heal.

I am kinda scared.

I have no idea what is real and what is my "true" writing.

I do know that I love Jesus.  I know that I love my children and my husband

But when it comes to Alice, and Akasha, and Ana and Mia

He twisted some shit..for 11 years

I 've read his writings, re-visited his journals..He went out of his way to make me an experiment.  To see if I'd go nuts.

I almost did.

Please, bear with me..I'm getting better  I promise

 I had not noticed that I labeled the entry as Royal Flush until the next day.

Reprogramming sections. At this point, the computer codes given previously apply, SEE OMEGA CODES on previous pages. The first major computer services the top 6 sections and has a red room, a closet, a pink room, as well as other rooms. Actually the computer should be set in at Section 0, which would break up the grid evenly, but since our Mary is hypothetical we put the front main computer at section 1. A system like this will have 13 computers/1 per section and 5 computers which set between pairs of sections, which join a pair of sections together, and then 2 main computers. This means a System like Mary’s will have 20 internal computers. With all the codes and a fair understanding of the alters in a section, it is a good day’s work to shut down a computer. Before one could possibly get all the section computers shut off, they would reprogram (reboot) themselves back up. Computer erasure codes include: “FULL HOUSE ACES HIGH. ALL TRUMP. FULL HOUSE ACES LOW.”
The drawers in the dollhouse can be pulled out with “ROYAL FLUSH”(3X)

This is the last time I will post this code.  I have posted it 2x now.

This is me..writing as Alice.  This is right before I started wondering about the GATE program.  This is me... after many, many poems and stories....that title made no sense..But this post plus one other woke me up.


I will show you a few more videos and then post some codes. 



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