Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Day Approaches (written exactly a year ago)

We were told about the coming of The Day as children. Back when schools still had nuclear bomb drills, and Gorbachev was serious threat. Cause let’s face it, who wouldn’t be afraid of a man with a birthmark on his head.  
  Our parents sat us down and spoke in grave tone, looking us dead-square in the eyes, making sure their points were taken.
And they were…our hearts beating in fear as we tried not to picture such horrific scenes, even as we couldn’t look away.
Shaking we’d either laugh it off or draw deeper into silence and desperately, silently pray that it wasn’t going to be in our life-time.
But we knew better.
Losing sleep, we grew up, fearing the dark, even as we were enticed by its wiles.  Never realizing that there was a battle going on…for the mark was about to be placed upon our minds.  We were about to be called.

I remember my calling.  I remember it like it was yesterday, because it was so frightening that I ran like Jonah…I wanted nothing to do with it.
He called me, sending me a messenger in a dream that would not release its vice-like grip from my soul.  No matter how many times I awoke and prayed, for it all to go away.  I lie there, all of 10 years of age; my mind completely blown.
Where were you?
We prayed, like we had a rosary hung about our neck

“Please, please, I don’t want to know You.  I don’t want to see You, I don’t want to see them!
He honored our requests…the other didn’t and they set out like a roaring lion persecuting our hearts until we hardened them against anything greater than ourselves.

Our parents sat us down; they looked us in the eye, and told us they noticed the change.  They asked us about spirits.  We didn’t know they had been reading books, books like Frank Peretti’s  “This Present Darkness”  Had we known, we would have laughed it off, instead we sneered, and that tingling of fear went up our spine again as they warned us  that it was definitely closer.  It was being taught within our schools.  Many of us were then pulled out of the system as our parents had now learned that we were being experimented on…

We were leaders rising.  We would be great because such was the power of our influence.  At least that is what the schools said.  You are great, you can do it all…
I didn’t want it.  Like Linda Hamilton in the Terminator, I screamed over and over again, that I didn’t WANT it…Not what they wanted me to do…not what my parents said we’d have to do. 
I wanted to kiss a boy, and buy a house, drive a car and have babies…but more than anything I wanted to connect with someone. I wanted to have sex.  I couldn’t die a virgin.

So we ran like Peter, denying it all.  Only to feel the guilt and shame weighing us down like a leaden yoke.
Without knowing it, we escaped from our parent’s umbrella and right into Their snare. 
Life with abundant pleasure is meaningless.  You rise to greet the sun, like a glutton, you suck the Day of its fattening glory and bloated, fall into a drunken sleep…if you’re lucky.  I was not.  Instead those images etched into my mind, the small still voice reminded me it was still waiting…waiting for me to accept.
Our parents set us free, and their voice now silent.  We go and spread our wings into the great blue world.  Only to find it harsh and lacking the joy we had hoped to find.  Broken marriages, disrespectful children, debt all around; the “good life” was all a mirage in a Desert of Despair
The snare had been set, we were trapped and there was No..Way..Out..
Masks were cast aside and now we see…we see at last.  The fear overcoming us we return to the path we had left.
I lay there, prostrate upon the ground.   Shame filling my whole core, I looked up and beheld the moon. Giant night-light in the sky, it reminded me of the Creator.  The dark night I had feared, was not so dark after all, as He had ordered light to comfort those who had fear of such things.  I heard a small still voice say, “I love you.” And like a prodigal son, I returned, hoping to be allowed to have the bits that had fallen from the Master’s table.
He reached down, and in His infinite mercy, He kissed my dirty forehead, thus placing His mark.

I accepted.  “Send me” I cried.  And He did.  I saw miracle after miracle and it was very powerful…I focused on the roses, forgetting that each carried a thorn…until again.  I was entangled.

Does this sound like your story?
Sleeping beauty was sleeping, waiting for her Prince to arrive, and all around grew thistle and roses.  The Dragon guarded the castle, because he knew how much she was worth.

The hour grew shorter, and the bridesmaids danced the night away.  Cinderella heard the first chime of the great clock that stood in the entrance of the hall.

Alice, oh Alice, she gazed within the Looking Glass only to finally see her reflection…

And Dorothy awoke to realize that she was no longer in Kansas.

Our parents had warned us of the coming hour.  Day was about gone, midnight close at hand.  Those with His mark awaken, shaking off shackle and chain.
The Dragon, rose in great haste, and chased us out of the desert.  Gone was the glitter that clouded our eyes.

The sign of Them upon our clothes
It was sung about in the music
Movie after movie portrays Them
Our children indoctrinated from birth

These are the days of Elijah.
And it was this that Enoch did see
A call to arms, for the coming storm
Who would sound the trumpet with me?

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