Monday, April 22, 2013

These T-shirts were designed BEFORE the Boston bombing

ht boston massacre nike shirt jef 130422 wblog Nike Pulls Boston Massacre Shirts After Marathon Bombing

Nike has pulled a sports T-shirt emblazoned with the bloodied words “Boston Massacre” in the wake of last Monday’s marathon bombings.
A spokesman for Nike told ABC News the retailer has now pulled all of the “Boston Massacre” shirts from their outlet stores, as well as from large online retailers like Fanatics Inc.
In a play on the infamous 1770 attack on Boston civilians by British soldiers, the T-shirt was created for Yankees fans to highlight series sweeps of the Red Sox in 1978 and 2006 that served to end the Red Sox’ playoff chances in both of those years.
The sweeps came to be known colloquially among fans of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry as the first and second “Boston massacres.”
Abc News

Once again we are seeing the signs before the tragedy

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