Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And so it begins...

A video of a soldier being arrested in March for rudely displaying a weapon sparked outrage among many Temple residents Saturday and hundreds came out for an armed march in support of the Second Amendment.
Dozens of police were also on hand to ensure the protest remained peaceful.
The Come and Take it Temple March hosted nearly a dozen speakers who took the stage to express their concern about how they believe police and government are impinging on their rights.
More than 200 supporters turned out carrying riffles, shot guns and semi- automatic weapons in response to what they say was the unlawful arrest of a soldier.
Army Master Sergeant Christopher J. Grisham was stopped and arrested March 16th while hiking with his son in Temple for carrying his semi- automatic gun.
He says, "I had my son record the arrest because it just became so egregious to me. It was wrong to begin with and I wanted people to see what was going on."
Since the video has been up, it has gotten thousands of views and comments from supporters.  

Am I against the right to march?  No. How about the right to bear arms?  Absolutely not.  But what happened in 1776 is being repeated again.  History repeats itself.    July 4th there will be a march on Washington D.C.

. don't tread on me

Birth out of rebellion...
What did the poster of Olympus has Fallen say?
 Now ask...who's nation exactly?

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