Saturday, July 6, 2013

Batman strike again???? Maybe

Survivors: Several passengers were able to escape the plane and were photographed by onlookers fleeing the wreck Notice the smoke? It's not on the plane... This aerial photo shows the wreckage of the Asiana Flight 214 airplane after it crashed at the San Francisco International Airport Surely you would've seen that from the other angle Tail snapped: Onlookers said that the plane's tail snapped off when the plane crashed down near where the runway meets the water at the airport Look at the first picture was supposed to burst into flames when it landed... I told my honey something big was gonna happen in S.F.  I showed him the Batman map again.. That's 3 for three.. The CEO for  FB changed flights at the last second.. Strike zone 1 Sandy Hook...and the shooting Strike Zone  2  (the Narrows..look it up, it's Boston) Boston bombing.. Strike Zone 3? Google Sf Airport...

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