Sunday, August 4, 2013

Something's Brewing

Does anybody else find it strange that we are not only closing our extending the closure of our embassies until August 10th because of the threat of Al-Qaeda being a very serious because
CBS News reported Saturday that a team of operatives planning to carry out a major terror plot was “already in place.”

I'm very curious to know why Russia is docking in Cuba
Vintage US-made cars pass by as Cubans watcht the "Moskva" Russian guide missile cruiser arriving at Havana's harbour, on August 3, 2013.(AFP Photo / Adalberto Roque) 

Russian cruiser "Moskva" arrives at Havana Harbor in Cuba August 3, 2013.(Reuters / Enrique De La Osa)
Russian Naval Detachment Calls at Havana Harbor
HAVANA, Cuba, July 29 (can) A combined Russian naval force from the fleets of the Northern and the Black seas is scheduled to pay a working visit to Havana harbor August 4 as part of a voyage that started off the coasts of Portugal and includes the Corinto Port in Nicaragua

 According to Russia's Itar-Tass news agency, the naval force includes the the rocket-launcher Moskva cruiser ship from the Black Sea fleet and the Kulakov Vice-admiral anti-submarine ship, from the Northern Sea Fleet, along several tankers.

During the stay at Havana harbor, the Russian warships will receive fuel and food provisions, while their crews will meet with Cuban seamen, before departing August 7 for Nicaragua.

The Russian task force carried out war games off the coasts of Portugal as the crossed the Atlantic towards Latin America. 


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