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Power outages

So basically no one is being told the truth anymore of why the power is randomly going out all over the world in different countries.  The dates actually started on the 12th, and are continuing on...why the media hush?

I will make a list a soon as I copy the links down.

Edited for the links:
The New Zeland Herald

Hundreds of thousands of Transpower customers lost power today when backup measures failed to kick in while the company simulated a "catastrophic power failure" on its inter-island link.
Ten per cent of the company's North Island customers had their power cut for about two hours from 11am.
Outages were reported in areas across Auckland, Thames, Napier, Tokoroa, Lower Hutt and Masterton.
The outage resulted in disruptions to students sitting NCEA exams, retailers were unable to make electronic transactions, and 100,000 broadband customers lost service.
In Auckland, ambulances were parked outside stations to avoid them being trapped behind electric doors.

McDaniel Contiues to deal with outages

McDaniel continues dealing with power outages

Graduate classes at McDaniel beginning at 4 p.m. Wednesday have been cancelled and undergraduate classes will begin at noon Thursday as the college continues to address a power outage that began Sunday.
A transformer failed Sunday causing loss of power to a majority of campus buildings, according to an email from McDaniel spokeswoman Cheryl Knauer. Power has been restored to a majority of campus with several classroom buildings still without power. Heat, hot water and lights are currently up and running in all McDaniel residence halls.
Work will be completed at McDaniel Wednesday and Thursday to address the outage. While classes are starting late Thursday, administrative offices will open at the scheduled time.

Mail Online

Travel chaos as power cut hits London

Tube travellers were stuck underground tonight after a power cut hit London.
London Underground said the power failure was having a "serious" impact on the whole of the network. Rail services from major stations including Victoria, London Bridge and Waterloo were also affected.
A Tube spokesman said: "There has been a National Grid failure which has affected the underground. At the moment we are assessing the impact of that but it is having a serious impact on the whole system at the moment."
He added: "It's also having an effect on some of our buildings. Certainly quite a lot of the network appears to be affected."
He said the failure happened around 6.15pm and there were likely to be a number of people stuck underground.
He added: "There will be travellers underground. I don't know the extent of that yet. It's at the end of rush hour, the peak period, so it's a busy time."
A spokesman for electricity network operator EDF Energy said: "We have lost supplies to large parts of south London in the last few minutes as a result of a National Grid failure supply in the south London area.
"It's difficult to predict how long this is going to take. National Grid has got to get the circuit back."
A spokesman for British Transport Police said the power cut had affected all major railway stations in south London.
"There is no power in a lot of stations and no trains running in the whole of south London," he said.
The Arctic cold front that brought in this morning's frigid temperatures, came in with strong winds that are causing power outages for many across the Lowcountry.
According to SCE&G, fewer than 300 customers are without power currently. Most of the outages are being blamed on high winds.
Crews are working to get those customers back online.
Stormteam 2 Meteorologist Josh Marthers says, expect a gusty breeze to persist throughout your Wednesday.

Roanke County

Jordan Fifer | 981-3349
Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UPDATE 1:49 p.m.: All power has been restored, according to APCO spokeswoman Teresa Hamilton Hall.
Don't blame the squirrel this time.
Appalachian Power officials say it's faulty equipment - not a curious critter - that's caused an outage in the Hollins area of Roanoke County this morning.
Spokeswoman Teresa Hamilton Hall said crews are working at a substation to fix the problem but currently don't have an estimated time for restoration.
The outage was first reported about 10:30 a.m., Hall said. The utility's website listed about 3,164 customers without power as of 11:30 a.m.
This post will be updated.

Huntsville, NC

Power restored after outage in NW Huntsville

Posted: Nov 12, 2013 6:02 AM PST Updated: Nov 12, 2013 6:25 AM PST
Huntsville Utilities reported a power outage in northwest Huntsville, Tuesday morning.
The outage impacted an area from University Drive north to Oakwood Avenue and between Memorial Parkway and Jordan Lane.
Utility workers said high winds caused a tree to fall into power lines in the area of Timberlane Avenue and caused a substation circuit lockout.
Crews restored power shortly after 8 a.m.

Stockton Record

STOCKTON -- Power has been restored to 98,000 homes and businesses that were left in the dark for up to two hours this afternoon, the biggest blackout in this region in recent years.
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. spokeswoman Nicole Liebelt said the cause of the power outage was under investigation. She said it was likely related to large transmission lines or substations.
The power went off shortly after 2 p.m. to homes from downtown Stockton east all the way to the Mother Lode. An estimated 54,105 PG&E customers lost power in Stockton alone.
All power had been restored by about 4 p.m., Liebelt said.

Melissa Wolf, a spokesperson for Municipal Light and Power, says the outage started around three in the morning and crews have been working all day to fix it, but they haven’t pinpointed the cause.
Downtown Anchorage. Photo courtesy of ML&P.
Downtown Anchorage. Photo courtesy of ML&P.
“Some people did receive power and then it went out and it’s because of the trouble shooting that we’re doing to find the cause. One of the problems was a transformer needed to be replaced on top of the JCPenny’s Garage. And it wasn’t the cause but we did need to fix that to go forward with the repairs. And right now we don’t have and estimate on when the power will be restored,” Wolf said.
The outage is affecting ML&P customers between A and F Streets and 5th and 8th Avenues. It’s impacting commercial and residential customers.
Wolf says there is concern about the power being out much longer because temperatures are so cold.
The Anchorage Police Department has been notified as well as the Anchorage Fire Department. Though Wolf says many of the commercial buildings do have generators.
Temperatures are expected to be between 10 and 15 degrees overnight.
Wolf says customers without power, who have not reported it, should call ML&P.
Updates will be posted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Warren County
We're following the large power outage that left 4,700 people without power around 5:30 p.m. on Monday night. Officials from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative say it was caused by equipment failure, but how that equipment failed is still un-known. Folks in the county are very glad to have their power back on.
Dispatch: "Warren County communications how may I help you?" Caller: "Yes, Do you happen to know what the large power outage is all about?" Dispatch: "No sir, we do not." Caller: "Okay, it just seems to be affecting more people than normal."

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