Sunday, January 19, 2014

Key Phrases, and I am sorry that I've been busy

Sometimes I have to step away and take a break from this.

And quite suddenly I am on the rabbit's trail again. Even as I ignored the nudging in my head,there were certain key phrases that stuck out...Words such Orion. My Beloved, do not awaken beauty...Patrick Purdy. These things are riddled within so many poems I've written. Water, water all around and not a drop to drink. They are attacking our water system. 

 This page was written in 1991. Behold: A Pale Horse


I need to go back and read again...just noticing that they mentioned Patrick Purdy in the book.  Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Cleveland Elementary School shooting.  I don't understand why I see the patterns, why I see the maze...but I do.

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