Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Strange new video

The End is near
Unite as none
Unite as one

Next scene is what appears to be a Bible on fire with the words Ignorance
Scenes of protestors with God Hate...signs

There was a barcode that I scanned with my phone and it took me to this site:

Mysterious Website

Disturbing Contents

Clicked on some of the items, I didn't open any of the Word Docs or zip files.  I don't trust that at all.

This picture was eerie enough:

I did an image reverse search and found that this is the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland:
The Cheshire Cat as depicted in American McGee's Alice
The Cheshire Cat is Alice's main ally and principal companion in Wonderland, voiced by Roger L. Jackson. When Alice first sees him, she remarks "You've gone quite mangy, cat. But your grin's a comfort." He often speaks in riddles and gives cryptic (and sometimes nonsensical) advice. He has an emaciated, almost skeletal appearance, wears an earring, is covered in tattoos and appears to have grinning undergrown incisors. The player can summon the Cheshire Cat at almost any time in the game by pressing a key, but his help is limited to repeating one of his short supply of phrases. He is decapitated, rather ironically, on the Queen of Hearts's orders as he was about to reveal Alice some information regarding the connection between her and the Queen, but, due to the fact he can remove his head from his body at anytime, can still be summoned afterwards. He returns in Madness Returns as her main ally again and her "hinter". In the game, the Cheshire Cat is hinted to be inspired in Alice's cat, Dinah, who helped her escape the night of the fire.

Next picture on the site was this:

The back card has this printed on it:
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
It's from Shakespeare's As You Like It

I typed the address and it took me to a Facebook page:

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Cheshire Cat said...

You're not very adventurous are you?

Sapphire said...

And in that you would not be correct. However, I am not one to take chances catching a bug on my computer.

You do have me curious though.

Cheshire Cat said...

Everything there is safe.

Sapphire said...

Interesting. I took a peek and was surprised that I had been on the right trail as far as the Castle goes. I had only moments before read an article about that. It will take me a minute to process all of the symbols and other imagery and all of the information.