Sunday, April 20, 2014

He Has Risen!!!

It is always darkest, just before Dawn. 
A night without the Light, is darker still
Silence grows sharp and we struggle against things imagined.

Memory of his eyes, memories of his words.
They replay over and over in our minds
And we repeat them, seeking solace

I cannot explain complete lonliness
Only that your soul is devoid of all feeling
The valleys become deserts and the sky becomes as brass

I find myself turning inward, staring at a candles flame
He said " You must have faith as small as a mustard seed"
What if one only has a spark?

Let us go once more, to where they've lain my master
Quietly we go out into the blackness of Pre-dawn

"Hold my hand sister, for my spirit is greatly grieved"I will never let you go

Each step becomes harder than the first
My eyes do not want to see, what my heart already knows

Sister, look at how they guard the tomb, as if...

As if...

As if they believed what he said would come true.

Violently, violently, we are shaken
We are thrown upon a heaving ground
The guards are screaming,

The stone begins to roll away

The Stone has rolled, and Death has released it's hold!

It only takes a spark

Ignite this night into a roaring flame

He has risen, He that was slain
And nothing will ever be the same
He has made all things new!

My God is alive
My Savior still lives
This is the Living Christ
This is He who forgives

Where , O Death, is your victory?
Where , O Death, where is your sting?
I see my Savior rising
WIth healing in His wings

Holy, Holy, Holy
Everything in me cries
Today I will shout
My Jesus is ALIVE

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