Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Garden

The Garden

April 22, 2011 at 12:25am
Climbing over mountains, in search of an altar
I cast away my fears and shattered dreams
Following moon-trails, I entered the Garden

The darkness, prevails, overcomes
I fall down in dust below the ever-deep
Eyes now open, as I see this is where we started

Where were you, when my night fell?
Did you hear my heart’s silent scream?
Tossed carelessly within Life’s Ocean
Only to be spat out upon Bitterness’ Shore

So many nights’ I’ve whispered your name
I only want to be stronger than my belief
And I know that you can still see my shame
Still, I come in search of quietness and relief

Hush now; my child let me show what your eyes cannot see
Truth’s perfect lullaby, love deeper than any, Once upon a dream
My gift to you, is more precious than gold
History, truer than any folk-tale of old

I came to the Garden, while you were sleeping
In my hands, I held your heart for safe keeping
While you slumbered, I spoke into the night
With passionate tears, like blood, I cried
Heavy is the spirit, that is willing, despite the cost,
Looking past many, to save the one lost

Come now my love, quiet your soul
Let us keep watch and remember

Rid me of myself
I will come to you
Break me,
Like I’ve broken You

Here I stand, in the center of your Garden
I have heard your voice
I have come when I heard you calling
This is my choice

Twisted is the tree, upon which my prayers were placed
This is where I found amazing grace
This is where I kissed your nail-pierced hands
This where my price was paid

Worthy is the Lamb
Seated on the Throne
Crown Him now, with many crowns
To Him all praise I owe!

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