Sunday, August 24, 2014

Be m indful of your communties

I spoke a lady about the Ferguson Incident last night. We are pretty much on the same page...I have read and spoken to people in Missouri...they are pretty agreeing with me as well.

There is a war coming. And TPTB want the sheep to follow and fall in with the people. So they hire outsiders... to loot, protest and what-have you. Stockton, this low down dirty town that I live in...well, we didn't fall for it. They chose the wrong puppets.

You ask me...How were they a puppet? Why would anyone that got away with a bank robbery, turn around and come back into town? Why would they ambush police? Why were they strapped so heavily, it was on their arms, on their chests and under their clothes?

They want us to declare against the government. And so many, enraged over history are quite willing to dive head first into a cause that they don't really know about the details. I see the water. I saw the pebble drop in. The ripples from within, slowly spread out, wave by wave by wave. "Oh Beautiful, under spacious skies."

Do you now not see the flag waving? Love you children, folks. Hold them close, and closer still. THIS is why I am no longer working..Not for any other reason, and for sure not a finger stick. Denver had a protest two nights ago. A nun was arrested.

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