Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Does not the name ISIS and Ferguson in the same breath not make you concerned?

It's bad enough to see the communist activist "Joey Johnson" holding a CNN microphone while interviewing another fellow communist.

Then last night we see a spray painted ISIS sign from behind a CNN journalist. 

I wondered why they wouldn't have edited that out?

Here is something chilling:  ISIS reaching out to those protesting in Ferguson:

'Chilling': Footage purportedly from a CNN live stream of the protests appeared to show one young demonstrator marching along a street holding a sign reading 'ISIS is here'

  1. Justice and Equality is under the Shari'ah law. you'll never get it under Democracy.
  2. You were never free & you were never equal. you were slaves working for 1% of the population.
  3. I thought u guys back in were supposed to be Free & that u had equal rights. I'd really like to know what changed?
  4. , the wealth of the oppressors distributed, housing for all, no racial discrimination, rights with equity.

Glory For American Revolution against the brutal authorities,, all support from ..  

 Amreeki Witness tweeted: 'May be time to organize the Muslims in America upon haqq and mobilize to #Ferguson. Defend the oppressed, start jihad here.'
The message attracted a large response, with one Islamist calling himself Amarka Al-Ahlam responding: 'Preach, brother. We must organize brigades in preparation for the oncoming storm. #FergusonUnderIS #JihadinFerguson.'

Time to wake up people.  This is not just a Ferguson problem anymore.

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