Thursday, August 14, 2014

You have to think twice when you see tweets like this

The oppressed stands with the oppressed. stands with .
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Palestine giving tips on how to handle tear gas.  The support they are giving the people in Ferguson astounds me.  Makes me want to see just who is backing this up, indeed.

And who is this guy?  I've seen him in so many pictures as I watched the news.
I don't know how to upload an Instagram video...but is the guy in the green shirt here too?
And this truly disturbs me...a child getting pepper-sprayed
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Ferguson has become a burden on my heart, and I urge all of us to pray...what happens next will effect everyone.

If you do nothing, something will be done for you. It's going from horrible and getting even worse. God is the only answer to this problem.

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The power of prayer