Friday, September 26, 2014

Am I imagining things, or am I on to something?

This is only for the few that understand what I am studying...During the Super Bowl's Half time show Bruno Mars had the children performing and they flashed the sign...Prepare. Then you had the Maserati video shown that said that They have prepared, and now they will strike...watching the trailer for Left Behind and it says "You've been warned. Are you Ready?" If the trend is really continuing then we now see why the rapture movies are suddenly so important.  Propaganda and desensitizing the masses is not a thing of the past.  If they did it once, they will re-use the tool, over and over again.

The Maserati car is named Ghibli...that names means: a hot dust-bearing wind of the North African desert. What does that make you think of? ISIS? 

And of course you already know about the Tridents...and their meanings (Maserati again) How Russia attacked The Ukraine right after the Olympics.
Tracie Guttenfelder's photo. 
Now I could be reading into things, and truly only time will tell.  But the way things are going in the country, one can only speculate if they are not letting us know, they think this The Beginning of the End.



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