Thursday, March 20, 2014

How terrible. I had forgotten about our nation's flag falling

And the people's laughter makes it that much more upsetting.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Looking deeper at the Trident symbol.

I saw it, but didn't really see.  The symbol of the trident goes even deeper than just the spear of Poseidon, and it is being used in everything which tells me they want us to take notice.

These are the original "tridents" from the World Trade Center

Look at the Malaysian Plane that went missing. 

Now flip it

It becomes a "double trident"

A combined pre planned un/nato exercise will take place
in the Ukraine in JULY called Rapid TRIDENT

Are they programming us to see the tridents are American symbols?  Subliminally, I believe they are doing just that. 

“Signs and Symbols Rule the world, not rules and law” – Confucius

The recent discovery of the pyramids in Crimea has something to do with all of this.  I just have a gut feeling.  The Russians are now heavily guarding the site.

Interesting times are ahead of us.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

News Article? Light of freedom — gone out.

 Storm clouds stir above the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument as night falls over Washington, D.C.

Light of freedom — gone out.
A shroud of darkness descended over the U.S. Capitol dome amid power outages throughout Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night.

The power outage is due to heavy winds during Winter Storm Vulcan.  I first became aware of it on Twitter.  I will be reading the headlines throughout the night.

The storm, is it another "god" from ancient lore?  

In ancient Roman religion and myth, Vulcan (Latin: Volcānus or Vulcānus; pronounced [wɔl.ˈkaː.nus], [wul.ˈkaː.nus]) is the god of fire[1] including the fire of volcanoes. Vulcan is often depicted with a blacksmith's hammer.[2] The Vulcanalia was the annual festival held August 23 in his honor. His Greek counterpart is Hephaestus, the god of fire and smithery. In Etruscan religion, he is identified with Sethlans.
Vulcan belongs to the most ancient stage of Roman religion: Varro, the ancient Roman scholar and writer, citing the Annales Maximi, recalls that king Titus Tatius dedicated altars to a series of deities among which Vulcan is mentioned

Monday, March 10, 2014

Now We Strike..

"Prepare" sang the children at the Superbowl Half-Time Show

The little girl in the Mazzerati Commerical announced for TPB

"We have prepared, now we strike"

They celebrated their coming storms by way of the Trident..

Russia then struck Ukraine

Lesser Coat of Arms of Ukraine.svg

Coat of arms of Ukraine

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Coat of arms of Ukraine
Lesser Coat of Arms of Ukraine.svg
Armiger Ukraine
Adopted 19 February 1992
Escutcheon Azure, tryzub Or
Earlier versions Coat of Arms of UNR.svg
Use Ukrainian People's Republic (1918-1920)
The state coat of arms of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Державний Герб України) or commonly the Tryzub (Ukrainian: Тризуб, "trident") is the national coat of arms of Ukraine, featuring the same colors found on the Ukrainian flag; a blue shield with gold trident, called the tryzub, which means "three teeth." It represents the triune God on earth and in heaven. It appears on the Presidential standard of Ukraine. Blue colored tridents are considered to be irregular representation by the Ukrainian Heraldry Society.
The small coat of arms was officially adopted on 19 February 1992, while constitutional provisions exist for establishing the great coat of arms, which is not yet officially adopted. The small coat of arms was designed by Andriy Grechylo, Olexiy Kokhan and Ivan Turetskyi. It is a representation of the seal-trident of Vladimir the Great.
The trident was not thought of as a national symbol until 1917, when one of the most prominent Ukrainian historians, Mykhailo Hrushevsky, proposed to adopt it as a national symbol (alongside other variants, including an arbalet, a bow or a cossack carrying a musket, i.e. images that carried considerable historical and cultural and heraldic significance for Ukraine). On 22 March 1918, the Central Rada (parliament) adopted it as the coat of arms of the short-lived Ukrainian People's Republic.

Russia's Coat of Arms

The two main elements of Russian state symbols (the two-headed eagle and the mounted figure slaying the dragon) predate Peter the Great. Today, however, the official description does not refer to the rider on the central shield as representing Saint George, mainly in order to maintain the secular character of the modern Russian state.
The current coat of arms was designed by artist Yevgeny Ukhnalyov; it was adopted officially on November 30, 1993 [1]. Today, the imperial crowns on each head stand for the unity and sovereignty of Russia, both as a whole and in its constituent republics and regions. The orb and scepter grasped in the eagle's toes are traditional heraldic symbols of sovereign power and authority. They have been retained in the modern Russian arms despite the fact that the Russian Federation is not a monarchy, which led to objections by the Communists even though both the blue ribbon and the collar of the Order of St. Andrew (which in the imperial arms supported the three crowns and surrounded the central shield) have been removed from the current coat of arms.
The modern arms of Russia were instated by a presidential decree in 1993, and then by a federal law signed by President Vladimir Putin on December 20, 2000.

Is this a coincidence?   Time will soon tell

Stay tune, be prepared and watch

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 by way of the sea?

Navy Commander Who Interrogated Alleged 9/11 Terrorist Mastermind KSM Found Murdered

For the record.

The Navy Times reports:
The death of a Navy commander found in a room at the Astoria Hotel on Feb. 12 was ruled a homicide, the Orange Park [Florida] Police Department announced Wednesday.

The Jacksonville Medical Examiner's Office made the ruling on Feb. 13 in the death of Cmdr. Alphonso Doss, 44, of Pensacola, according to the release from the OPPD.

Doss' manner of death is not being released at this time while the OPPD and the Clay County Sheriff's Office investigate.

Doss reported to Naval Education and Training Command in Nov. 2011, according to the Navy.

While in Jacksonville, he was on Temporary Additional Duty orders at the Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit
Doss holds an associate of arts degree from Columbia College, a bachelor of arts degree from the University of North Florida, a master of business (MBA) degree from Trident University International and is currently a student in a doctor of education program.

Interesting to note that this is the third death for a solider in the Navy  All three were 44 years of age.

Doss graduated from Trident University
Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Reynolds worked for the Trident Group, a maritime security company in Virginia Beach.

A trident /ˈtrdənt/, also called a trishula, leister or gig, is a three-pronged spear. It is used for spear fishing and was also a military weapon. Tridents are featured widely in mythical, historical and modern culture. Poseidon the Greek god of the sea, Greco-Roman Poseidon, or Neptune the Roman god of the sea, and the major Hindu Lord and God Shiva are all classically depicted bearing a trident.

Parallel to its fishing origins, the trident is associated with Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology, the Roman god Neptune, and Shiva, a Hindu God who holds a trident in his hand. In Greek myth, Poseidon used his trident to create water sources in Greece and the horse. Poseidon, as well as being god of the sea, was also known as the "Earth Shaker" because when he struck the earth in anger he caused mighty earthquakes and he used his trident to stir up tidal waves, tsunamis and sea storms. In Roman myth, Neptune also used a trident to create new bodies of water and cause earthquakes. A good example can be seen in Gian Bernini's Neptune and Triton


The Maserati commercial aired during the Superbowl? The one that had me paying attention to all of these signs in the first place?


Notice the emblem of the car? It's a trident...notice the ocean in the beginning As in the Days of this the beginning of the end? And who's end?