Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Coming Rebellion

Piecing it all together again so that may go back and re-read the links.  This coming "revolution"  This "rebellion" was set into motion long before I took notice.  However, I did see it.

It all started when I noticed that 2013 was the year of the Snake. 
Year of the Snake

I started piecing the signs that were displayed in the Olympics and then played out in the movies Ie: The Dark Knight being the biggest clue.

Then there was the Superbowl Half-time show with Beyonce.  It just so happens to be choreographed by the same man that brought us the Olympics theme.  Hmm, was I on to something?

What was the meaning behind the 4th quarter from the Mercedes Ad?

Well, the lights did go out during the 4th quarter, however, that was just a test.

We are now in the final quarter of the President's term.  Things are rapidly changing here in America, could this in fact be what they, "the powers that be"  were hinting at?

From there I started really looking back into the history of America, because we all know that history repeats itself.  I looked quick deep at the flag

don't tread on me

That is when I started seeing the buzz phrase:  The Resistance, Revolution.

Born out of Rebellion

Every movie that came out seemed to carry the same theme.  Hunger Games, anyone?

Even Madonna had some part in it
Posted Image

You whisper the term enough and it catches fire inside a heart, subliminally...whispers about revolutions and protests became common, but they never could quite catch on.

I became so heavy hearted I even wrote a "poem" about it, urging people NOT to join in the country's fight against the government.
The Ant's Go Marching

Gone were their shouts
Silenced were their jeers
This was the sum of all fears
A bloodbath in the name of freedom

If they gather, in America's name
Do not go
If they call to arms, against the government
Stay your place

Gather your children
Kiss your wives
Love your neighbor
Be gentle as you are wise

What will coming
And was spoken here
Those who understand...listen
For the time is near

And then, back in June of 2013, it began, slowly, but surely until we have what is today.


And I asked...Who's Nation will Rise?  Because I don't think it will be OUR America!

This is it, The Fourth Quarter

Janurary I started watching again ...seeing patterns in names and places.  Such as Orion

(isn't that the name of the capsule they launch on Thursday?"

Key Phrases

I found the book I had heard about in 1991 talking about all of these things, such a school shootings.
Behold a Pale Horse

Superbowl came around and I started seeing the words water systems and Bridges
Water and Bridges

Strange looking pillar at St John Cathedral in New York.

New York, New York??? Hmmm

Bruno Mars sang at during half-time, telling us to Prepare...Prepare for what?

Children singing Prepare

Of course then there was this very telling commercial shown during the Superbowl, as if in answer

That little girl is going to play in the up-coming movie Annie right?

MTV had their awards and their theme was "They Are Coming"

I had it uploaded on to here, but it's since been taken down as "private, but you may remember them.  They were a bit freaky.
They had all the white horses stampeding  (That is a subject I already went over, but it also has to do with Water and other things)

They Are Coming

I got to thinking about it tonight though. I wondered what big event was coming?

Looking back I see that the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson happened just two days after MTV aired all of their commercials.

Are you with me so far?

They have been protests going on for over a hundred days, talks about a "Revolution"  and you can see the flags of 'Do not Tread on Me being flown.

And of the bridges?

Defeating the Giants

But the Consul's brow was sad,
And the Consul's speech was low,
And darkly looked he at the wall,
And darkly at the foe.
`Their van will be upon us
Before the bridge goes down;
And if they once may win the bridge,
What hope to save the town?

Then out spake brave Horatius,
The Captain of the Gate:
`To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds,

For he ashes of his fathers,
And the temples of his Gods,  



Early Thursday, more than 1,000 marchers crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, where, halfway across, at least 150 people sat on the roadway as police warned of arrests if they didn't move on. The crowd relented, taunting the officers as the stepped backward -- facing the police, who pulled up the rear. A handful of protesters were arrested during the bridge crossing, including one man on the Brooklyn side of the East River.
In Brooklyn, protesters chanted, "Hands up, don't shoot!"
As the march broke up and protesters dissipated about 1:15 a.m., police declined to allow people to return to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. Rather, protesters had to take cabs or other forms of public transportation.
 This doesn't seem to be anywhere close to being done.  We haven't truly even see just exactly where this is going, however I remember the videos MTV put out a couple years ago for what seemed to be no reason at all

Or were they just planting the seeds into our heads?

Who's pulling your strings?  If I could urge once more, do not be apart of this thing that is will not end well. It will not end as the people seem to think.