Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Storm is here

Of all of the research that I have been doing, there was very clear message in each clue.

There's a Storm coming.

When I first heard of the 21yr old that shot 9 people in South Carolina.  I couldn't believe my ears when they mentioned his name  Dylann Storm Roof

After hearing all of the details, I wasn't buying the whole story.  I have never heard of someone waiting a whole hour during a service before pulling the trigger and firing the first bullet. Not to mention the facts of him owning a gun after being previously "convicted" of a felony.
  We heard stories that he was quiet but likeable, and they changed into stories of him hating blacks and wanting to start a race war.

Marcus Staneley, is a musician I am following on Facebook.  He is pretty inspirational and has a truly inspirational story.  He started playing piano for churches by age 11.  In 2004 he was shot 8 times by some thugs hanging out on the street.  He had been angry for years, before giving his life to Christ in 2010.

Now sometime after  Dylann shot members in the church, Marcus Stanley wrote on Dylann's Facebook page, a letter of forgiveness.  I woke up and actually read it on Dylann's page.  It was the only thing posted other than one photo.  I took note that he (Dylann) had black friends his list. but there really wasn't any activity and the account was opened in May 2015.  {hmm}

 Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.06.06 AM

I don't know how Marcus was able to leave that letter, they were not friends.  I went back to share the letter on my Facebook page, knowing I was going to see a wave of backlash from the youth in the community.  They were pretty angry and I wanted to show them an example of forgiveness.

Facebook took the whole account down.

Not only was that suspicious to me, but then we started seeing photos pop up on the net with Dylann standing with flags and his poorly written manifesto.

I'm a photographer.  I know photoshop when I see it. and there was something fishy about some of those photos.
The flag in the mirror doesn't match with the one he is holding in his hand.  His hand doesn't really look like he's holding it anyway.  The computer on the bed has a cord that is cut.

Whatever the case may be...the name alone is enough to make you pause. Dylann Storm Roof.  Who names their child that?  It sounds more like a message to me.  Now I could be wrong, but when look at what's going down since the shooting, you can't help but wonder.

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